4 thoughts on “Its mine!!!

  1. Hardback with the colour plates I believe? The best printing because of those beautiful plates. Now you just need the massive errata from White Dwarf to correct all the river distances and town populations 🙂

    If it isn’t the colour plates one never mind – at least your river distances are all correct!

  2. I think I must be a bad dad – I’m always leaving vintage gaming books lying around, and then prising them from the fingers of my daughter. Funny, because most of them aren’t that rare, or expensive. Even the two volumes of Realms of Chaos isn’t as expensive as my laptop, or a couple of new Xbox games, but I treat them as if they were ancient scripture.

    Which isn’t conducive to getting much gaming use from them.

    Or much encouragement for daughter to become a gamer. Like Pendragon, it is all about producing an heir – to inherit my cupboards of toys.

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