Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye

One thing that gets my goat is that people say OpenQuest is an action orientated or cinematic game…

Its a common misconception that OpenQuest is focused on action.  I don’t understand why, just because OQ cuts out some of the crunch of its crunchier brothers doesn’t mean its Jet Li jumping about ignoring hits and doing back flips. Its still the regular “Don’t blunder into combat, plan your attack and pray you don’t get hit” of standard BRP. Remember HeroPoints are optional rule, and even if used you would have to give them out like flowing water and make Hit points based off Con+Siz rather than (Con+Siz/2) to acheive cinematic levels.

2 thoughts on “Its all fun and games until someone loses an eye

  1. I am surprised anyone would call it ‘cinematic’ also, if that means what I think it does. I ran OQ one time, and it seemed about as lethal as Stormbringer 1 that one time. Your critical rules alone end a fight quickly and brutally, esp. without a hedge like the hero points. Even a dagger critical hit is likely to produce a major wound if the attacker has a damage bonus…

    I am reading through Savage Worlds, and that is what I would call cinematic. The cards are very much stacked in favor of the pcs and things like taunts and tricking are much more integrated, even necessary for the game to function correctly. I would hesitate, and try to find a way around a fight much more in OQ, for a fact.

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