The Company is Go! GO! GO!!!!

If you like OpenQuest and want a bit of Modern Warfare in your gaming life, I’ve just put The Company on pre-order until the second week of December.  Same clean D100 system as OQ with added rules for vehicles, guns etc , a plausible yet gamable setting, and two introductory adventures. All in all 200+ pages worth of D100 goodness from us. Like Crypts and Things, if the Goal of the preorder is reached everyone gets the first adventure for FREE!

New OpenQuest review

Chris Helton over at Dorkland has just posted a review of OpenQuest.

All in all, OpenQuest is a very solid fantasy gaming system that deserves a lot more attention than it receives. In 183 pages it manages to cover the basics of what any group would need out of a game system, and do it in a way that is simple and yet still manages to remain robust. If you are a fan of fantasy games, and do not yet have OpenQuest on your bookshelf (virtual or otherwise) then you need to fix this as soon as you can.

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Rest assured its not all been about Crypts and Things here at D101 HQ recently. Some big annoucements regarding OpenQuest coming up very soon 🙂

The Eternal City of Damnation

Its time to go to Furnace, my annual pilgrimage to this two day con in Sheffield UK.

Last year I started what I hope will become an annual tradition, the Saturday night Old School D&D game.

In 2010 I ran the Furnace, using Labyrinth Lord, which was a ton of gonzo fun in a “quick run over here, kill this and save the world” sort of way. A lot of the high spirited epic S&S action of that game inspired me to write C&T, and it should be one of the first things that gets written up and released for that game. It was however very linear, so for a complete change of pace I’ll be going all Sandbox this year with the following offering:

The Eternal City of Damnation
“Once the glorious capital of a world wide empire, betrayed to Demons by an arrogant Emperor who traded his citizens souls for immortality, the City of Eternal Damnation offers riches and secrets to those willing to risk their very soul in the pursuit of them in its ruined streets.

Terror, Fear, Demons from the Otherworlds, Evil Sorcerers, Swashbuckling Fighters, Noble Barbarians, canny Rogues, all await you in this Swords and Sorcery adventure set in the decaying ruins of a once great city.”

This is going to be my ‘mega-dungeon’ which I’ll bring out at cons, or with my home group when when we are short of a game. A vast ruin of an ancient city,filled with weird encounters and mini-dungeons. Presently no plans to publish, just a scruffy pile of notes and head of ideas.

A full report when I get back from Furnace 🙂

Crypts and Things available for Pre-order

Crypts and Things is now available to pre-order via, in a variety of formats.

See the following link for more details.

Crypts and Things pre-order

Couple of notes
When will I get the game?
The pre-order ends on December 2nd, so print copies will start shipping shortly after that.
However every pre-order will get a Pdf copy as soon as the final proof is done, which is due to be mid-October.

NOTE: The game will not go on general release until I’ve shipped the last of the pre-orders.

If you like the front cover I’m doing a pre-order package which includes a limited edition T-shirt with it on it.

If the Goal is exceeded
Seeing as I’m using for this, there’s a goal set for funds raised. One of the incentives to pre-order, rather than shamble along later and order when its on general release in Dec, is that if that goal is exceeded everyone effectively gets the first adventure module for the game, Blood of the Dragon, a sand box adventure for low levels.