You’re going to the worst place in the world, and you don’t know it yet….

Back in Feb I wrote a charming little adventure for OpenQuest, called the ‘Road to Hell’. Spurred on by the nastiness that I was creating at the time for Crypts and Things and a huge guilt that I had nothing lined up on the OpenQuest front, I sat down and hammered RtH out.

Currently its a 10 page adventure, a small viscous thing that is designed as a Dark Fantasy adventure, to showcase the Major Mental Damage rules and how to do horror in D100 fantasy. Quite simply play starts with the group on a road to nowhere in the middle of an idyllic countryside, something is spotted off the roadside and they find themselves literally sucked into a small Hell, inspired by the stomach churning blood soaked horror of Clive Barker. Also a classic RQ monster has found its home there and to it is literally Heaven. Oh and I managed to get a reference in to one of my favourite bands, Killing Joke, so all is good on the pop-culture reference stakes too 😉

In playtesting with my home group a couple of weekends ago, the 4 hour game racked up one heart attack, one near death mauling and one death, but for the grace of spending a Hero Point (so for all you hard-core D100 players who refuse to use Hero Points, that would be new character being rolled in your game 😉 ). They beat the scenario eventually, by bringing the ‘gruesome’ and by being even more devious and depraved than the evil inhabitants of the hell, but it was a challenge even for their twisted little minds. One of my player’s Guy said that a group that played it ‘straight’ would get mauled, and I have to agree. While I’m not a fan or creator of Killer Dungeons, I like my adventures to be challenging and push the players. This adventure with its simple premise and twist, hits that for me. Oh and I gave them veteran level characters, best skills 85-100 and 9 pts Magic, and it was still tough 🙂

I’m running it again at Furnace Convention in a couple of weeks time. Art has already been commissioned, so some time before Xmas it will get pdf release.

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