RuneQuest 6

RuneQuest is coming home – to the fans to the people who care about it 😉

Former MRQ2 writers Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, both longtime BRP/RQ heads have the licence to do RuneQuest 6 🙂

What the following brief announcement doesn’t say, but the FAQ does, is that there will be a RQ Gateway license that will allow 3rd Parties publish RQ supplements. This is something I already have plans for D101 games to do 🙂

But onto Loz’s announcement, follow the link to the Design Mechanism’s website for the RQ Q&A which gives more details.

Its with great pleasure and excitement that I’m able to announce that The Design Mechanism, the new company formed by myself and Pete Nash, has successfully reached an agreement with Issaries Inc to become the new licensee for RuneQuest. The full Press Release can be found on the RuneQuest page at along with a detailed Q&A sheet for those who want to know more about what we have in store for RQ.

Greg Stafford, Issaries President, had this to say on the agreement: “RuneQuest is an old, highly respected brand that requires creativity, dedication and knowledge of the product. I know that Loz and Pete have that, plus enthusiasm and professionalism that will keep up the reputation and good name. I am pleased.”

Clearly its early days for both Design Mechanism and RuneQuest’s 6th edition but we have exciting plans for the game building on the work Pete and I have already done with Mongoose’s RuneQuest II and we look forward to sharing them with the roleplaying community as we develop the new rules.


6 thoughts on “RuneQuest 6

  1. I need some good news and cheer in my life right now and this does the trick nicely. Fantastic news and well done Loz and Pete, I can’t wait to see the fruits of your labours in my trembling hands as I head to Glorantha once more 🙂

  2. And, its good news too that D101 games will be jumping in. As happy as I am about this, I have a real fondness for OpenQuest – its like the little brother of RQ who always thought of his mother (unlike the older RQ who flirted with snake-eating vermin).

    • Don’t worry I’m not giving up on OQ, much the reverse in fact. I’m waiting for the dust to settle on the RQ 6 announcement and for me to get Crypts and Things finished writing wise (just going over the finish line with the starter adventure) then I’ll be making a BIG announcement about OQ 🙂

      • More announcements!!!! I can only take so much excitement. There’s a lot of lovely d100 stuff about – I hope that these bring more people into BRP/RQ, rather than cannibalising sales.

        • Its always been my intention that OQ is a Gateway product into the wider world of D100 while adding value to an existing D100 fans libary (for example without giving too much away one product will add alot of new monsters and spells that can be used with any interation of D100)

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