Notes from the Abyss, the appendices of Crypts & Things

This train of thought started with me thinking about the infamous Appendix N (the section of the 1st Ed Dungeon Masters Guide which listed all the books that had influenced the development of D&D).  Of course everyone knows that Appendix N stands for Appendix Newt, but they are just too scared to admit it 😛 But seriously folks there will be an Appendix N in Crypts & Things, since I think its important (and fun) to show the game’s influences. Initially I thought that I’d put it in the Crypt Keeper’s chapter (notes from the Abyss), then I thought that it would be more fun (and Old Skool) to actually have an Appendix N, in a series of Appendixes at the back. Then the more I thought about it the more it made sense. Both AD&D 1st ed and my beloved RuneQuest 2 have copious  Appendix sections, where a number of misclanous topics are address as well as giving very brief and to the point GM guideance notes.

So this is the road I’ll be going down with Crypts and Things. As well as my version of Appendix N, there will be appendixes that detail Crypt Creation, the Weirdlands, a City Events table,  a random stuff table (which includes tricks and traps) as well as some other topics, see the list below.

Crypts and Things Appendixes
A. The lifecycle of a character
B.  Blasphemous Locations
C.  Crypt Design
D. Random objects
E. Who is thine Enemy?
F. City Events
G. Araskia’s alternative experience system
H. Horror
I.  Into the Weird Lands
J.  Descriptive phrases
K. Killing Time
L. Love and Loss
N. Bibliography

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