OpenQuest! RAR! RAR! OpenQuest!

Well I’m busy fighting off the winter blues. The tail end of my illness just before xmas ( I had a serious skin infection which had me laid off for a couple of weeks ) is still lingering, plus we have wonderful days like yesterday where the sun briefly shone through thick mist!  So safe to say my mood is on the side of murderous on most days, which is means the game is afoot to bring cheer to my strained psyche on a daily basis.  Between my own positive thinking and the innate cheer of my family I’m more than winning 🙂

One source of cheer to me is that my muse for OpenQuest has returned. I think I scared it away with big unrealistic plans post release of the book, and the seemingly never ending typo hunt end of 2009 that lasted until July’s Final edition last year. At the beginning of this year I was of the opinion that I was going to let it quietly die off and move onto other projects and let other people carry the torch.  I said as much to a publisher friend and my muse must have heard me. The other day it came back with a vengence and I’ve been quite happily writing an adventure (which is what I like doing best alongside light supporting backgrounds) for OpenQuest with numerous ideas for more! Safe to say you’ll see more Adventure packs, either as quick straight to PDF mini-releases or shorter Print books, from me.

So that’s me getting over myself.

Meanwhile author Nathan Baron is putting on the finishing touches of Empires Rising.

Co-Authors Simon Bray and Paul Mitchener have just submitted the text for their sandbox adventure setting “Here Be Dragons”. If you have found memories of Griffin Mountain, this will press your buttons 🙂

Here’s the map of the setting by Simon.

Map of Pherae Island by Simon Bray

6 thoughts on “OpenQuest! RAR! RAR! OpenQuest!

  1. That’s a gorgeous map! Can’t wait to see the rest of the book. It looks like it’ll fit right in to the BRP Fantasy setting I’ve been working on (a vast archipelago, sort of inspired by the Earthsea books).

  2. That map looks brilliant! I suspect that “Here Be Dragons” will be right up my alley.

    I can’t believe that you were thinking of walking away from OQ, Newt! Glad to read that you’re back to producing more OQ goodies. 😀

  3. Thanks for the compliments guys, there will be a lot of maps in this book, if you like these wait until you see the 3D maps of Draxa the capital city and the adventure locales. The book is packed with adventures, npcs, dragons and demons. Simon

  4. Don’t walk away yet! I just purchased the OQ PDF from Lulu and I’m getting a Print copy next month. After looking through the dev docs, I decided I wanted to use OQ instead of BF for my upcoming d100 game. 🙂

  5. OpenQuest deserves a hell of a lot more attention. It is a great frame to build upon. Solid, sturdy and nothing fancy, but that is the beauty of the system. Function over fancy, if you will.

    I am glad your muse has returned, Newt. I am hoping OQ will help fuel my own muse, and help me realize my goal of publishing my own setting and adventures. I am just waiting for someone to hear back from another certain someone, so that first someone can give me a green light. 😉

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