Art therapy

I’m stuck at home, snowed in and ill for the last week. I’ve been reading too many OSR blogs where the yanks are excitedly wittering on about Swords and Sorcery Tales/Worlds.

I opened up my red development book, put pen to paper and came out with this:

UPDATE (10th Jan 2011): John Ossoway, who did the maps for the Savage North, is currently turning this into a lovely map. Meanwhile I’ve got a first pass of the setting it depicts and I’m currently assembling the game that uses it. Teaser ends, more firm details when I’m further down the road developing it šŸ˜‰

3 thoughts on “Art therapy

    • Oh I think Mt Terror is the last place you’ll be wanting to go hunting Terror Lizards. From the wip Guide to the setting;

      “Mount Terror
      This living volcano is the focus of the Blood Gods on this plane. Its molten lava receives countless sacrifices to them. When they are displeased, the volcano erupts with devastating fury.”

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