Art therapy

I’m stuck at home, snowed in and ill for the last week. I’ve been reading too many OSR blogs where the yanks are excitedly wittering on about Swords and Sorcery Tales/Worlds.

I opened up my red development book, put pen to paper and came out with this:

UPDATE (10th Jan 2011): John Ossoway, who did the maps for the Savage North, is currently turning this into a lovely map. Meanwhile I’ve got a first pass of the setting it depicts and I’m currently assembling the game that uses it. Teaser ends, more firm details when I’m further down the road developing it 😉

Meet King Byron the Blessed, Usurper King of Erun!

King Byron the Blessed by Jonny Grey

King Byron the Blessed is the ‘ruler’ of the shattered Kingdom of Erun, after sending the two young Princes (his nephews) down the infamous Dungeon of Doom never to be heard of again. Many of his subjects, including several powerful magnates of the land consider this to be blatant murder of his younger brother’s heirs who he was bound by law to protect. Byron disputes this, saying he is truly ‘Blessed’ by Voden who has finally chosen him to rule the kingdom after previously being passed over in favour of his younger brother Opus the Pious.  It is a difference in opinion that sees the land on the brink of yet another Civil War.

From the upcoming History of the Kingdom of Erun.

You’ll be seeing good King Byron first in “Ye Little Book of HeroQuest Heroes”, since he was originally commissioned for that book, but I liked him so much I’ll be re using him in the Kingdom of Erun book I have planned for Albion Adventures.

The artist Jonny Gray does some truly amazing stuff and I can guarantee you’ll be seeing more of his work in future D101 publications.

  • Jonny Gray’s online portfolio.

Life and Death released

Time to blow my own trumpet here. My adventure/setting book for OpenQuest was released a couple of weeks ago.

So get a copy for Xmas, from


Oh and that nice man Georgie Racer has done a quick review of it. He’s very happy with it 🙂

Geordie Racer’s tiny review of Life and Death.

These were the two adventures (Dead Pot Country and Life and Death) that I used to playtest OpenQuest, and encapsulate everything I like about D100 games. Its very different to The Savage North, so if that didn’t ring your bells hopefully this will.

I’ll post about the future of OpenQuest in a big end of year round up, but just to let you know Life and Death is definitely not the end of the line. Empires Rising is being laid out as we speak, Simon Bray & Paul Mitchener are working on the Draconic themed “Here be Dragons”, and I’ve got an assortment of OQ adventures I need to work out what to do with. Also I’ve got my next OQ adventure/setting book to work on. If you like gritty fantasy horror you’ll like what I have planned 😉