The OpenQuester issue 1

The OpenQuester is an irregular D101 publication, supporting OpenQuest and its derived games (such as The Company and River of Heaven).

Issue 1 should be out by the end of this year in both print and pdf format. Price To be Confirmed.

Lined up for this issue.

“Balstan’s Gatehouse” by Newt Newport, an old skool adventure which pays homage to a certain
Alternative Character Generation methods. by Newt Newport, new   rules for players and GMs who want random character generation in their games.
“Threat assessment” by   Rik Kershaw Moore, an article from the incoming The Company game.
“Is OQ Oldschool?” by Newt Newtport an article summing up the points for and against.
“Step daughter” John Ossoway an article from the upcoming River of Heaven game.
“The Hangman’s Daughter” by Nathan Baron, an   adventure set in the Empires Rising setting.

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