This is my favourite beer, Hobgoblin ale brewed by the Wychwood Brewery in the Cotswolds.

Some Newt related triva.

  • On my honeymoon, the good lady took me to the town where they brew it. Unfortunatly they didn’t do brewery tours then, but I had my first couple of hand pulled pints in local pub. I could have stayed all afternoon, but the missus was driving 😉
  • Biggest regret of my attendance at the old GenConUKs held in Loughborough was that we never popped out of the con and went to the Wytchwood pub near the train station on the over side of town.
  • Jon Hodgson who does most of the D101 books covers, including the Savage North and the upcoming Life and Death for OpenQuest, has done several labels for Wychwood beers (although alas not the Hobgoblin himself).
  • I was lucky to have a bottle tonight 🙂
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One thought on “Beer!

  1. I do like Wychwood’s beers though at the moment I’m generally sticking to Brewdog (the enfant terrible of the brewing world) and Atlas Brewery (when I can get them).

    I’ll need to nab the RSS feed for this here site so I can read it on LJ

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