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OpenQuest 2 IndieGoGo campaign, why?

Later today the OpenQuest2 IndieGoGo.com pre-order will go live. This post goes into why I’m doing it this way. OpenQuest has gone through five mini-editions since it was released back in 2009. With each incremental update we’ve trapped more errors, … Continue reading

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Playin’ Pathfinder

Ok so instead of carrying on manically playing Crypts and Things or even driving OpenQuest into the ground earlier in the year me and my group invested in Pathfinder and since late year as time allows have been running a … Continue reading

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OpenQuest 2 Mega Gaming Fun edition :)

Its spring bank holiday this weekend here in the UK, and the long weekend affords me time to sit in my Ivory Tower of Doom and finally nail what I’m including in OpenQuest 2. Over the last week or so … Continue reading

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2012 D101 and the old skool

OK here’s that beginning of year statement that frankly I should have put out at the beginning of the year…but hey this is the man who is doing the not so synchronized 12 Days of the UK OSR (which I’ve … Continue reading

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