Crypts and Things now with EXPANDED CONTENT

So I was having a bit of a tidy up on the Crypts and Things Kickstarter, it suddenly stuck me that my stretch goals where not big chunks of work (as I’ve done a fair bit on them any way) and they’d be better off folded into the Basic Goal to give those people who want the Remastered version to have more expanded/new content.

So all this will now be included in the Basic Goal (as well as the streamlined/new rules).

Expanded Life paths. C&T currently has a small twenty entry table that you roll on three times to give your character’s previous experience. Both fans of the current game and play testers of the current Beta say this is not enough, so I’m expanding this idea.

More Spells & Magic Items. I’ll be to revisit the Spell lists and Magic Items chapters and add some more twisted and dark magic into the mix.

The Great Others and their Cultists. I hinted at the presence of these terrifying demons/gods but never detailed them in the 1st edition. Iโ€™ll detail them in all their gory glory and David will illustrate them.

Zarth Revealed : Fragments of Fear. The current setting chapter,The Continent of Terror, will go into the Players’ section and I write a new world guide for the Crypt Keeperโ€™s section, called Fragments of Fear. This will focus on the secrets and provide more adventure ideas for each location, as well as encounter tables.

This leaves only More Fiends as a current stretch goal, but I’ve now lowered the goal to ยฃ4500, because we’ve had such a positive take up of the Patrons of the Art backer level.

To replace the stretch goals I’ve now folded into the Basic Goal I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I’m going to keep them under my hat until I’ve thought them out properly.

I’ve also added a Add-On for extra copies at low cost, and if you are a Retailer or know a retailer who’d be interested in stocking C&T I’ve added free copies of Blood of the Dragon adventure to the Retail reward level.

Please let others know about this, especially those who’ve looked at the campaign before.

Barbarians of Lemuria – Mythic Edition

Just under a week for this one to run, this is the Swords & Sorcery game by one of my favourite British designers Simon Washbourne brought bang upto date and with art by a cadre of artists including the talented Peter Frain (who is currently doing the art for River of Heaven ).ย  Its a well formed Kickstarter, and you get the full draft of the game as soon as you sign up.ย  Recommended.

Beyond the Pit

Like Monster Manuals?

Want the sequel to the seminal Out of the Pit?

Want another 250 Fighting Fantasy beasties straight out of the pages of the classic FF books?

250 original images from the likes of Russ Nicholson, John Blanche, Martin McKenna, John Sibbick, David Gallagher and Terry Oakes?

Then this my friend is your Kickstarter, already funded so completely no-risk.

Also Graham’s a good lad who ships quality product on time, with good communication along the way. I know this from the Blacksand KS earlier this year (which I must review at some point).
Beyond the Pit cover

Back this Kickstarter: AD&D sheets just like they used to make them.

Based off the sheets Games Workshop made in the late 70s that where still knocking about in Toy shops like Beatties, when the young Newt picked up on D&D in the 80s. In fact the creator, Peter Regan, comes from Leicester which is just down the road from Loughborough were I was when I bought my first batches of D&D stuff. Small world eh ๐Ÿ˜‰

I actually got a couple when I rebought Ad&D 1st edition, but I’m down to get a pad or two ๐Ÿ˜‰

One caveat ignore the bleepy music (apparently its a tie in to Computer Games of the era), substitute it in your mind for some Sabbath or Judas Preist \m/

Thanks to Gordon Richards for pointing this out ๐Ÿ™‚