Crypts and Things Remastered Reviewed

Another review of Crypts and Things Remastered, this time by backer Chuck Thorin who doesn’t seem to have been disappointed by the final book.

“My opinion overall is that it offers some good variations on a stock elves-and-dwarves style game. Don’t expect it to be a Conan RPG either. It hits a a sweet spot of a weird fantasy, alien dying world. It’s not totally in your face like Carcosa. It’s uses a well tested and supported rules system in Swords & Wizardry which also makes it easily hackable with other OSR games. For me, it goes on the “I really want to run this some time” list.”

Read the rest on Chuck’s blog

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The Zarth Tourist Bureau is open for business!

Jeff Sparks (aka Bighara) has open the doors of his Crypts & Things fan blog “Zarth Tourist Bureau” and his done a very reasonable four part review of Crypts and Things Remastered:


The Zarth Tourist Bureau recommends you drink responsibly 😀

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For the next 24 hours O

For one day OpenQuest 2 Deluxe is on sale for 50% off. Pdf at DriveThruRpg (where its Deal of the Day) and print/pdf at Free UK postage, so UK residents could snag a full colour hardcover for £10 during the next 24 hours 🙂

OQ2 cover by Jon Hodgson

OQ2 cover by Jon Hodgson

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Crypts and Things Remastered one week after

First off a big big thanks for everyone who has brought the game so far. Its been one of the best opening weeks of sales for any of my games and is still going strong. If you’ve bought a copy you and the Glorious Backers of the Kickstarter have assured the game’s future in sense that I’ve got the customer base to do big supplements in the future.

Its already gone Copper at, been in and out of the the top ten Small press chart (position 5 was its highest) over the last week which has been fun to watch on a day to day basis.

There’s small number of five star reviews over at Folk seem to like it 🙂

Here’s some excepts:

“This game pulls from some of my favorite source material: Conan, Elric, Weird Tales, Lovecraft, etc., The O.G. Dungeonmaster’s Guide, Fiend Folio, Stormbringer, music inspirations that remind me of my high school days (old Metallica, Slayer, etc). Magic is powerful and mean (no saving throws, though player characters can “test their luck” to mitigate some dangers). The selection of beasts is a mix of Howard/Lovecraft and others. Magical treasures are reminiscent of Warhammer Fantasy (unique and often consequence laden). Corruption and sanity serve as balancers to the corrupting forces of black magic (yeah, I used corrupting to define Corruption. Big C vs little c. Just go with it, it works.).

What I’m saying here is: the game has an incredible atmosphere that the rules firmly back up. This is, in my opinion, the most important aspect of a game.”

Allen H customer.

“An amazing blend of old school D&D with a classic sword and sorcery sensibilities (Conan etc). The rules are streamlined with luck replacing saving throws much like old school Fighting Fantasy.
Magic lite with a sparkle of the weird, very much the product of British writer. All wrapped up in a unique world that is fun to explore.”

Neil Shaw customer.

“OK ,do you like OSR Rules?
Are you prepared for a game without Clerics?
Still with me?
Then boy Oh boy do I have the game for You!”

Bob Peterson. customer.

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Crypts of Indormancy Kickstarter

I must admit I’m late to the party, but UK Fanzine Publisher Daniel Sell and his little crew of merry miscreants are diversifying into the Adventures market. So they need money, so behold a Kickstarter has arrived!

Its already funded, with the money going towards upping the production values. Its also a chance to pick up reprints of all the Undercroft Fanzines + Something Stinks in Stilton, which is one that I’ve seized!

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While we wait for the C&T release…

Now ye savages will learn how a Northman fights. Prepare to KISS MY AXE!!!


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Round up of stuff going on the UK OSR Scene Sept 2016

Dragon Warriors the classic British Fantasy game that was originally published in six gamebook format books in the 80s and is currently published by Serpent King Games in big book format is on Bundle of Holding. This is a classic FRP game that for many UK gamers was their first

Mythras is out! pdf now print soon. The rebranded and relayed out game formally known as RuneQuest 6. Now with added combat cards for tracking special combat manevuers.

mythras Cover

Romance of the Perilous Land by Scott Malthouse a  British Medieval inspired game with various bits from all editions of D&D blended together is out on pay what you want via


On the D101 Front…..

Crypts and Things is almost finalised. The final draft pdf is with the backers and the final production quaility pdf should be with them by this coming Friday.  General release of printed book and pdf mid to end of September via

Beyond Dread Portals, Paul Mitchener’s love letter to AD&D 2ed and Planescape has reached 1st draft. If you fancy playtesting it or peer reviewing, email me at


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Crypts and Things Pre-Order

C&T-Remastered-WebCrypts and Things Remastered is nearly finished with, and is currently having its final check. Its estimated general release date is early October. This deal is for you if you want early access to the game and missed the Kickstarter last year. As a thank you for pre-ordering I’m throwing in a free copy of the first adventure module of the game, Blood of the Dragon. You will also make a saving on the final cost of the book since I’m offering this pre-order on the favourable prices I gave Kickstarter backers (see notes below for details)

More information about this Remastered version game, which has one hundred extra pages and completely new art, can be found here:

UDPATE: Please note the Pre-order has now closed.


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Crypts and Things, Then and Now

I’m nearly done checking for errors on the final draft layout of Crypts and Things Remastered. In a couple of days the pdf goes out to backers while my proofers cast their eyes over it one last time. I’m expecting the book to go on general release later this month or early in September.

The difference between the 1st edition and Remastered is nicely summed up by these two posters, that I did as a bit of fun 🙂

In 2011 when I was developing the game and getting ready to crowdfund its first release via

C&T Poster 2011

C&T Poster 2011 art by John Ossoway

And now as I prepare to release the Remastered edition in 2016.

C&T Poster 2016 art by David Micheal Wright

C&T Poster 2016 art by David Micheal Wright

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Into the Haunted Lands

I ran a fun game of Crypts and Things Remastered with my home group yesterday. Play tested the Haunted Lands, a mini-sandbox weirdland that will be in the main rulebook which along with the Halls of Nizurn Thun, which should be familiar to owners of 1st edition, and the new city adventure setting Port Blackmire is part of a trio of introductory adventures.


Print off of the finished game

There was much fun outwitting Robotic Mummies, a Time Traveling Space Pharaoh, a Khaos Sorceress and her Khaos Mutant brood, not getting involved in local politics (yet still using them to their advantage), not entertaining the despair of an angst filled black robed Sorcerer complete with  skull of his victim. All this even though the players had decided to fly over the undead infested village which was a major encounter area in the sandbox. But hey that’s the joy of sandboxes seeing players have the freedom to do what ever they want. Especially fun when you are the player of a winged Lizard Person and you get to exploit that power 🙂

I had the strange one of running the end of scenario combat more or less between the npcs present, since the pcs had manipulated everyone into a fight while they watched (and negotiated) from a safe location. One of the players afterwards told me that recently he had decided to talk his way out of situations more 🙂 All in all this was all the weird strange swords and sorcery action that I hoped it would be when I wrote the adventure 🙂

The characters

The characters

Oh if you missed the last Kickstarter update, I’ve finished the layout phase of production and I’m currently topping and tailing the pdf (oh the joys of page cross refences and indexing!) before passing it over for a final check and then release to backers within the next couple of weeks 🙂

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