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Crypts and Things Remastered Update for April

Monthly Update on the progress of Crypts and Things: Update #34 The Heads of Our Enemies Shall Adorn Our Pikes!

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The Company

In support of the OpenQuest Bundle of Holding that is currently running until Tuesday 4th April, here’s the fifth of a series of posts this time about how the OpenQuest powered game The Company was written, with some suggestions on how to use it outside of the setting presented in the book. Continue reading

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RuneQuest 6 now Mythras

Lawrence Whitaker, one half of the Design Mechanism, announced the new name for RQ6 this weekend. Mythras is the new name for RuneQuest 6th Edition, the acclaimed roleplaying system developed by The Design Mechanism. From July 2016, the name Mythras takes over from … Continue reading

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Black Hack for the Win!

Want a cheap streamlined OSR Ruleset from the UK Tradition of Grimdark? Check out the Black Hack on Kickstarter now! Peter Regan (Oubliette Fanzine and Square Hex gaming stationary) who has a flawless delivery record is the publisher behind it.  … Continue reading

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RuneQuest 6 to be renamed before July

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a fan of the Design Mechanism’s RuneQuest 6. While a bit more crunchy than my own D100 tastes, which is why I publish OpenQuest, it is in my opinion the true inheritor … Continue reading

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Lone Wolf Gamebooks to be published by Cubicle 7

A big part of my gaming yoof in the 80s, Joe Denver’s Lone Wolf gamebooks are to be published by the fine folk over at Cubicle 7, who recently released the inspiring Lone Wolf Roleplaying game via Kickstarter (which I … Continue reading

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The Smart Party do OSR

I strongly recommend UK Podcast “What would the Smart Party do about..“. EvilGaz and Baz King are diehard gamers who intelligently discuss the topic at hand…and this episode is a good one all about the OSR with guest Dan Sell … Continue reading

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C&T Kickstarter 49% towards Stretch Goal 2

So we reached Stretch goal 1 on Sunday Morning, courtesy of the UK contingent who were up when I challenged them to drive us over the line, so there will be More Fiends in the monster chapter as well as … Continue reading

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More adventures for the C&T Remastered Kickstarter

A late one this, I’ve just added two more add-on adventures to the C&T Remastered Kickstarter, bringing the number of available adventures up to Five! I’ve also added a New Backer level of Sorcerer (£35) which gives you pdf+ at … Continue reading

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D101 Games at GM’s Day sale

Just to let you know D101 has seven books on sale in DriveThru’s GM Sale, each title being 30% off. D101 @GM’s Day Sale  

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