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New edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay from Cubicle 7

Just announced by Cubicle 7, they shall be releasing a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying later this year. Continue reading

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Life and Death – Zombies!

Its Fiendish Friday and today I look at the upcoming Crypts and Things Adventure Life and Death Zarth Edition, with a focus on Zombies! Continue reading

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Stock Clearance Sale

To make room for all the awesome new releases we are going to put out this year here at D101 HQ , I’m having a stock clearance sale over at my webstore. Featured in it is: Crucible of Dragons, Life … Continue reading

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Cakebread & Walton Holiday Sale

Just in details of fellow Brits Cakebread & Walton’s crazy Winter Holiday Sale 40%-60% off until 2nd January on Continue reading

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The Forest Dragon

Long time d101 collaborator Jon Hodgson is Kickstarting his nine year old son’s Fantasy Adventure Card Game, The Forest Dragon. Continue reading

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UK OSR Round Up for November 2016

Round of UK OSR news for Nov 2016. Goings on at D101 + Dragonmeet + Mythras releases + Grogmeet + Crypts of Indormancy. Continue reading

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Crypts and Things Pre-Order

The pre-order for Crypts and Things Remastered is now open, until Sunday 5th Sept. Continue reading

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Things going on in the UK OSR recently

A quick round-up of some of the things that have caught my eye recently going on in the UK OSR. Apologies in advance if I’ve missed stuff off , point it out in the comments below and I’ll give it … Continue reading

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Crypts and Things Remastered Update for April

Monthly Update on the progress of Crypts and Things: Update #34 The Heads of Our Enemies Shall Adorn Our Pikes!

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The Company

In support of the OpenQuest Bundle of Holding that is currently running until Tuesday 4th April, here’s the fifth of a series of posts this time about how the OpenQuest powered game The Company was written, with some suggestions on how to use it outside of the setting presented in the book. Continue reading

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