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RuneQuest and me

So last post was me & D&D, so where do I stand as far as the game that I probably reverer more in the Old School stakes? RuneQuest 2 is where the story starts for me. In Pavis in Glorantha … Continue reading

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RuneQuest 6 Special Edition Hardcover

Finnnnnnally, the IndieGoGo campaign for the RQ 6 Hardcover is up and going, and about 50% funded at time of writing after about a day and a half with thirty days to go. RuneQuest 6 Special Edition Hardcover at … Continue reading

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Free RQ6 Adventure

Oh my today doth overflow with free stuff I do like 🙂 As a taster of their upcoming Book of Quests, those fine fellows over at The Design Mechanism have released one of the adventures as a free pdf. Caravan: … Continue reading

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The Guide to Glorantha Kickstarter

As far as Old School settings go you can’t get more Old School than Glorantha.  If you are a fan of old RuneQuest or merely just curious, I recommend you check out this system-less Gazetteer/Atlas. I’ll be wittering on about … Continue reading

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Magic World character + RuneQuest 6 detailed review + Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition podcast

Over at that hotbed of BRP grognards, The Tavern , there’s a couple of recent threads that may tickle the fancy of D100 lover. Ben Monroe editor in chief of the upcoming Basic Roleplaying Magic World, has posted an example … Continue reading

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RuneQuest 6 preview: First impressions

Ok admissions first. I’m a huge huge RuneQuest fantatic, so much so that when I played the game solidly in the 90s I dropped everything else except Cyberpunk 2020 and casually forgot that I had ever played any D&D. In … Continue reading

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2012 D101 and the old skool

OK here’s that beginning of year statement that frankly I should have put out at the beginning of the year…but hey this is the man who is doing the not so synchronized 12 Days of the UK OSR (which I’ve … Continue reading

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Crisis of multiple RuneQuests!

“Arrrgh my leetle brain can not handle it” is what some of you will probably be thinking when you contemplate the number of RQ like systems that are available now or in the near future. This time next year there … Continue reading

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RuneQuest 6

RuneQuest is coming home – to the fans to the people who care about it 😉 Former MRQ2 writers Lawrence Whitaker and Pete Nash, both longtime BRP/RQ heads have the licence to do RuneQuest 6 🙂 What the following brief … Continue reading

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So no more Mongoose RuneQuest

As a long time RuneQuest fan,I wasn’t surprised by today’s announcement that Issaries INC (Licensor) and Mongoose (Licensee) were ending their agreement to publish RuneQuest. Back in 2004 I was wildly excited by the announcement that Mongoose were bringing RuneQuest … Continue reading

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