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Hearts in Glorantha issue 6 now available

The long-awaited return of this Gloranthan Fanzine, featuring the 48 pages of Myths, Interviews, Articles, and Scenarios (systemless, HeroQuest and for RuneQuest 2). Continue reading

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UK OSR update July 2016

Update from the goings on of the UK OSR July 2016 Continue reading

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RuneQuest 6 to be renamed before July

Regular readers of this blog will know I’m a fan of the Design Mechanism’s RuneQuest 6. While a bit more crunchy than my own D100 tastes, which is why I publish OpenQuest, it is in my opinion the true inheritor … Continue reading

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RuneQuest 2 is coming back

RuneQuest 2 in a slightly updated form (errata applied and some additional content) has been launched on Kickstarter. Classic Edition RuneQuest on Kickstarter If you missed it first time round, now is an ideal time to check it out. Hardcover … Continue reading

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Luther Arkright for RuneQuest 6

Bryan Talbot is one of the UK’s best comic artists and writers.  He has numerous credits for 2000AD inc. Judge Dredd and most famously Nemesis the Warlock in the 80s and is therefore officially British Old School. If that wasn’t … Continue reading

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Yesterday was a good day for UK OSR

In the hustle and bustle of the Crypts and Thing Remastered Kickstarter, I missed mentioning a couple of other UK OSR releases…. First off for the Mighty RuneQuest 6 is the The Taskan Empire by Jonathan Drake . This was previously part … Continue reading

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Free D100 Games

Its official the D100 Renaissance has caught up with the D&D OSR as far as free rulesets are concerned. I’ve added a new link category “Free D100 Games” on the Right Hand Sidebar, for quick reference; Age of Shadow Magic … Continue reading

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Looking forward not back

The announcement of the  RuneQuest 6 Bundle of Holding really got me excited about running a RQ6 campaign. In fact everytime RQ6 gets a big burst of publicity I’m there notebook in hand scribbling away and dreaming up my ultimate … Continue reading

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A fistful of RuneQuest 6!

The Bundle of Holding is repeating its RuneQuest 6 offer. Your chance to get everything the Design Mechanism have released, except the excellent Mythic Britain, so far in Pdf for not much groats. But quick offer ends 12 Dec. Check … Continue reading

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RQ6 Actual Play: Tales of the Blessed City

Over at the Tavern Forum, Tom Zunder has a short write up of his RQ 6 campaign Tales of the Blessed City. Being a chronicle of the perspicacious adventures and tremulating exploits of three perambulating personalities of the convivial conurbation … Continue reading

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