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GoonQuest – an old inspiration for OpenQuest

By Loren Millar this “Almost Fully-Compatible RuneQuest Variant of” was a big inspiration behind OpenQuest, the difficulty modifiers and skill rankings by experience are directly lifted from it. When I played RQ back in the 90s, and it gradually mutated … Continue reading

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Oriental Adventures the one that got away

I remember getting this purple tome when it came out with great glee. For you see the martial artists of Japan had exploded across my teenage brain, with an invasion of┬áJapanese films and TV (Monkey & Water Margin stand out, … Continue reading

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Back this Kickstarter: AD&D sheets just like they used to make them.

Based off the sheets Games Workshop made in the late 70s that where still knocking about in Toy shops like Beatties, when the young Newt picked up on D&D in the 80s. In fact the creator, Peter Regan, comes from … Continue reading

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White Dwarf recollections

Over at UK role players Baz King talks about his early reminiscences about buying and digesting White Dwarf This Gaming Life: Grey Dragon and White Dwarf

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This is Brit Old School

They say a picture is worth a thousand words……they are right. Created by that Evil Genius of UK OSR, CoopDevil of Fighting Fantastist  

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The don’t write them like this anymore

Tell me where this quote comes from “He has had a special suit of platemail forged that allows the molestation of females without its removal” …and no its not Beavis and Butthead do D&D ­čśë

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Appendix \m/

As much as Crypts & Things rooted in the dark D&D gaming of my 80s teenage years, it is inevitable that some of the music I was into at the time spills like warm blood into the work…. Celtic Frost … Continue reading

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This is my Swords & Sorcery RPG!

I’ve spent alot of time recently reading the old school renaissance blogsphere and seeing the explosion of Sword and Sorcery/Weird stories/Barbarians vs Evil Sorcerers/Lovecraft meets D&D/”What ever the heck you want to call it” that is currently going on. Its … Continue reading

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