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Christmas in July UK OSR picks

Here’s my personal list of picks from the UK publishers participating in’s Christmas in July sale. Continue reading

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UK OSR Round Up for November 2016

Round of UK OSR news for Nov 2016. Goings on at D101 + Dragonmeet + Mythras releases + Grogmeet + Crypts of Indormancy. Continue reading

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UK OSR Update June 2016

Well I go away on a family holiday, followed by UK Games Expo and all sorts of nonsense gets released or pops up on G+ in the UK OSR scene. So here’s a quick catch up of recent stuff I’m … Continue reading

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Mythas Imperiative released

Mythras Imperative – the new concise version of Mythras (the re-branded RQ6) is now available as a free pdf from Continue reading

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