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Port Blacksand on its way!

Many moons I backed the Advanced Fighting Fantasy “Blacksand” book on IndieGoGo. Just got an update from Arion Game’s Graham Bottley that the book is now going to be in backers hands in the next couple of weeks 🙂 Read … Continue reading

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Advanced Figthting Fantasy Blacksand pre-order

Port Blacksand , which is the star of Fighting Fantasy Book 5 City of Thieves, is getting the Advanced Fighting Fantasy treatment courtesy of Arion Games, with this reissue & expansion of the 1990’s Blacksand! book. To speed up the … Continue reading

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Dr Bargle, of Known World, Old World fame, just emailed me to give me a heads up about his OQ/Renassiance/Legend based game which he sums up as “WFRPG 1st Ed in Titan”. Sounds fun? Check out his Blog posts about … Continue reading

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12 Days of the UK OSR Day 4: Advanced Fighting Fantasy

Ok so I’ve slipped with keeping this daily. It no longer tallies with the 12 days of XMAS, oh dear. Whoops! I will however patriotically soldier on with one review-let a day, with gaps for when I’m feeling pathologically lazy/worn … Continue reading

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These two men have a lot to answer for….

Almost every UK RPGer’s who started in the 70s/80s, have these to men to credit. Steve Jackson (left) and Ian Livingstone (right) where the founders of Games Workshop and brought D&D and many other RPGs to these shores, as well … Continue reading

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The Warlock of Firetop Mountain

So I start this blog’s journey proper with what for alot of UK gamers was their entry point into the hobby. The Warlock of Firetop Mountain. First published in 1980 by Puffin this was the first of Ian Livingstone’s and … Continue reading

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