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UK OSR Round Up for November 2016

Round of UK OSR news for Nov 2016. Goings on at D101 + Dragonmeet + Mythras releases + Grogmeet + Crypts of Indormancy. Continue reading

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Round up of stuff going on the UK OSR Scene Sept 2016

Dragon Warriors the classic British Fantasy game that was originally published in six gamebook format books in the 80s and is currently published by Serpent King Games in big book format is on Bundle of Holding. This is a classic … Continue reading

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In my intray the Empire of Ys!

Its official Dr Mitch (aka Paul Mitchener)   is an RPG Writing Machine. In between top sekret work of for other publishers (and another seminal piece for D101 that I’m keeping the lid on for the moment) he’s submitted, the … Continue reading

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Empires of Ys

Crypts and Things is not the only OSR game D101 is working on/releasing this year. Ladies and Gentlemen may I introduce you to The Empires of Ys. Empire of Ys is a roleplaying game of worlds-spanning fantasy. The rules are … Continue reading

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