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Dark, Delicious and Deadly part 1: Focus

The first of five excerpts from an article I’ve written about running Crypts and Things at conventions. Continue reading

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The Midderlands Expanded Preview

A quick preview of the Midderlands Expanded a British Fantasy Setting currently on Kickstarter. Continue reading

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The Death Mask of the Evil Emperor

Its Fiendish Friday, dare you to wear The Death Mask of the Evil Emperor?

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Slave, Soldier, and King Kickstarter

Robert E. Howards Kull of Atlantis stories were a big influence on Crypts and Things, more so than Conan. So I’m on this Kickstarter to see three of his stories back in print by Chance Phillips. Slave, Soldier, and King … Continue reading

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Midderlands Expanded Kickstarter

Check out Monkey Blood Design’s Midderlands Expanded book, now on Kickstarter. Continue reading

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D101 Games Winter Sale

By Krum, I’m having a 50% off Winter Sale over at D101 Games! Continue reading

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Mythras Sale

Been holding off buying Mythras or some of its supplements? Then run over to the Design Mechanism Site, armed with the code TDMBOXINGDAY17, and bag yourself a bargain.  Continue reading

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Behold the Muckus!

The Truth Behind the Eyes on the Midderlands Mucus cover. Continue reading

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All Rolled Up Fighting Fantasy Assessories in Stock

All Rolled Up now have Fighting Fantasy themed gaming accessories available from their web store. Continue reading

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The Green and Unpleasant Land

The Crypts and Things/Midderlands Conversion Guide is now available via DriveThruRpg and So if you want to use C&T with +Glynn Seal’s ever so green and unpleasant land, with some extra gaming juice, now you can 🙂

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