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Something mysterious is happening on Furlong Down

John R. Davis is Kickstarting his latest 5ed adventure module, The Mysterious Happenings on Furlong Down. Continue reading

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Christmas in July UK OSR picks

Here’s my personal list of picks from the UK publishers participating in’s Christmas in July sale. Continue reading

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D101 Games pdfs in DriveThruRPG’s Christmas in July!

All of D101 Games pdfs are in Christmas in July sale. Continue reading

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Crypts and Things Conversion pdf for The Midderlands

If you back the Midderlands on Kickstarter and it funds, I will produce a 5-10 page conversion document so you can run it with Crypts and Things. Continue reading

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Grab some D101 Old School goodness in our 25% Summer Sale

25% off Summer Sale at D101 Games Web store, for two weeks, closes Sunday 16th July 12 am GMT. Amongst the items on Sale! Crypts and Things (Softcover £15/$23 Hardcover £23/$30) River of Heaven (Softcover £15/$23 Hardcover £23/$30) The Savage … Continue reading

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Into the Midderlands

OSR Map maker supremo and all round nice guy Glynn Seal of Monkey Blood Design is Kickstarting his Midderlands Book.  This is a setting/ creature book with a short adventure, which comes bundled with a gorgeous large map of the setting. The Midderlands is a fictional medieval fantasy version of the lands around were Glynn lives in English Midlands region.  Continue reading

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OpenQuest Refreshed is here!

The new updated version of OpenQuest is now available. Its a slight tidy of up and revision of the OpenQuest 2 Deluxe version that I released over five years ago, with a new cover by Jon Hodgson and all new full colour art by Jeshields inside. Continue reading

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Return to the Furnace

A reflective post about pulling out a scenario that ran 7 years ago as my return to D&D and getting it written up for another GM to run it. Continue reading

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New edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay from Cubicle 7

Just announced by Cubicle 7, they shall be releasing a new edition of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplaying later this year. Continue reading

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Life and Death – Sorcerors

The presence of a villainous sorcerer is fundamental to a good Swords and Sorcery tale, and this week’s Fiendish Friday post details three from the upcoming Life and Death Zarth Edition. Continue reading

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