The Riddle of Tea?

Inspired by the rather comic misrepresentation of the Crypts and Things game I’m running at Furnace Con in October , whose description on the draft games time table read – “What starts as a simple enquiry into an sub-standard pot of tea becomes first a murder investigation and then something yet more frightening” (garbled with the British Pulp heroes game in the line above ), I imagined the following genteel scene in a Melnibonean Torture Garden…..

Elric: “Why Conan do you want a brew?”
Conan: “Why yes Elric that would be lovely”
Elric brews up, Conan quaffs then violently spits
Conan: “Argggggggggggh by Crom’s scrotum what foul piss water is this ?”
Elric :”Earl Gray, the tea of kings you illiterate scumbag”
Conan: “Eat my axe you effeminate Goth!”

……The gentle clash of steel ensues.

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