Crypts and Things: Languages

OK I’m thinking about doing away with the Max no of Languages column against Intelligence, and instead replacing it with a percentage called “Chance to understand other language”. Rather than the player picking from a long list of languages, with the max number being set by their Intelligence, every time they come across a language other than their mother tongue they roll against this percentage. I fell this would simplify play, make INT a bit more useful, and be in keeping with Crypts and Things setting Zarth which as an ancient dying world many millenia old has many dead or near dead languages of empires/cultures long gone to dust.

But I’m interested in your views.

So vote now!

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2 thoughts on “Crypts and Things: Languages

  1. I voted for the new rule – the old rule has never made sense to me, how in a s&s setting anyone with high INT has got complete knowledge of a language – presumably either through a cosmopolitan backstory or formal education. Hell, I understand French but add on dialects and regional accents and it gets harder. When I listen to a native speaker there’s always a chance of misinterpreting.

    Most of all, I like the new rule because as you say, it keeps INT useful, with language knowledge as active rather than automatic. Also, as you say, with dead languages it allows things to be extra mysterious, beyond common knowledge, it adds to the richness without you having to come up with long lists of languages.

  2. I like the new rule. It goes along with the Swords & Sorcery concept of stumbling upon new kingdoms and tribes and whatnot. It makes a lot of sense — and more important, it sounds like it will be a lot of fun (“What do you mean, the Thief is the only one who understands these savages’ language?”).

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