Crypts & Things, and now we polish.

Ok so the playtest for Crypts & Things finished a couple of weeks  ago.  Thanks to those who participated, I have taken your very useful feedback into consideration and it will be informing the updated and polished version that I’m working on.

Main areas I’m looking at;

Spells – I’ll be making some tweaks to spells such as Sleep and Charm Person, which playtesters felt where a bit over powered. I’m also going to be adding new spells.   C&T breaks spells into three lists; Black (Bad evil magic, spells that do damage, summon evil creatures), White (Healing spells, spells that protect you from harm and are generally)  and Grey.  It became clear to me that this is an area where I could spend a little bit more time for development for some great affect. So all three lists are getting filled out a bit more with around 20 new spells.

Magic Items – It was felt that the magic items list was a bit too damn short, so I went to my lair and came up with some more twisted and sick items to mess with your player characters. Such is the Crypt and Things way, muhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa 🙂

Sanity rules  & Damage Rules – Not so much a rewrite here, more making sure that these rules are clear and unambiguous.

New Cover – the cover I’ve been previous touting is not going to be the final cover. Instead I’ll use that for a future supplement I already have in mind. The overwhelmingly positive feedback I’ve had from people, which has been along the lines of “I WANT THIS GAME!” :),  has convinced me that sticking my hands in my pockets and getting Jon Hodgson,  awesome artist and good friend of D101 Games, to do a full cover  for C&T.  Remember this is the man who did the covers for OpenQuest and Life and Death, and he’s very excited about the art direction that I’ve given him 🙂

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