Behold the Continent of Terror!

By John Ossoway, weaving his magic turning my sketch map into something out of 80s Fighting Fantasy game book 🙂  From an upcoming Old School project I’m working on.

The Continent of Terror map by John Ossoway

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2 Responses to Behold the Continent of Terror!

  1. Akrasia says:

    This is a very attractive and, more importantly, an *evocative* map!

    My only criticism is that it looks more like a work of art (which it is!) than a* functional* map (in contrast to, say, the ‘Here by Dragons’ map you posted earlier (for a different project).

  2. Newt says:

    When I was playing D&D I never used Hexmaps or even maps on squared paper for wilderness mapping. I always used evocative pictoral maps of the lands that the players where about to explore, inspired by the maps that came in Game books of the day and which were in fantasy books of the time. I’ve always found it odd that people want to slap a hex grid over map and painfully measure/describe wilderness adventures hex by hex.

    When I commissioned John to do the map I pointed him the direction of the Fighting Fantasy Map of Allansia

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